President Trump is inquiring about Seth Rich’s Investigation

As reports from Newsweek to Big League Politics circle that President Trump himself is now inquiring about the unsolved murder of Seth Conrad Rich, America First Media Group is here to help. We’ve been carrying the Torch for the past year, digging, investigating, doing the scary work in the Swamp.

We would love to offer our zip drives, information, and status of our ongoing Investigation to The President of the United States in the Seth Rich murder investigation. Some of you may be asking, what has America First Media done. Great Question, here’s a little run down of everything our Team has BROKE in the Seth Rich Murder case.

  • In Late June we broke that Kelsey Mulka and Seth Rich were in fact broken up at the time of the murder.
  • In July while in Washington D.C. we were the first group to find and speak to the Washington D.C. Medical Examiner in the Seth Rich Murder Investigation. We received this document.
  • In July while in Washington D.C. we broke the Story that Dr. Christine Trankiem performed Emergency Surgery on Seth Rich and he died on the operating table.
  • In July we also broke that it was DCFEMS Ambulance 17 that took Seth Rich to Medstar Hospital. They roll up to Engine #6.
  • While in Washington D.C. we broke the story that Seth Rich’s roommate Dov Friedman stated three days after the murder, he didn’t know Seth Rich worked for the DNC. We found out Dov Friedman worked for the Democratic Party of Virginia, and three weeks after the murder took a full time job with Hillary Clinton for President.
  • From our sources, we broke that Aaron Rich and Seth Rich had done the Leak to Wikileaks together.
  • Aaron Rich took $50,000 from Wikileaks, he and Seth did the leaks together.
  • The Family of Seth Rich lied about the relationship status of Seth Rich and his former Girlfriend Kelsey Mulka.
  • Detective Antoine Weston of Washington D.C.’s 3rd District, a Detective attacked our team on Twitter, Big League Politics responded with an amazing article.
  • Our own Eddie Graham discovered the Crowdstrike Hush Money… Two Six Figure payments one day after Seth Rich was murdered, and one day after Shawn Lucas’s mysterious death..

These are just a few of the things that America First Media BROKE in the Seth Rich Murder Investigation. We are the Authority on Seth Rich, and continue to prove so. If President Trump would like to meet with our team, we would be honored to fill him in on where our Investigation is headed.


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