America First Media’s one on one Interview with Liz Crokin


America First Media’s own Matt Couch sat down with Liz Crokin, Veteran Investigative Reporter & Journalist on the evening of Nov 8th, 2017. They had the opportunity to talk about everything from Elite Pedophilia rings, Seth Rich, President Trump, her days at The National Inquirer and Chicago Tribune. This is an in depth interview with one of the Top Investigative Journalists in the World.


4 thoughts on “America First Media’s one on one Interview with Liz Crokin

  1. Great interview. Remember the Anon vid about 10 years ago? I went to DC protest with all their people taking pics of everyone. Mark Headley story and Mike Rinder both on Twitter. horrid stories. ALL these PEDOS, behind Liz from day one. Go Liz, keep it up. You too Matt.

  2. I grew up in the 80s, attended a catholic school, and I remember in 1987, my religion teacher told the class that television was evil. When someone asked why, he just said that we would discover this on our own as we got older. I didn’t start to understand this until my mid twenties. . . I remember that the National Enquirer got a reputation that it’s stories weren’t believable because of stories such as”The Bat Boy”. However, it’s interesting to find out now that stories that were published have to be backed up with facts and sources. Many of the stories that were published were so “out there” that people just figured that the strories were fake, and looked at the Star as being more truthful. It turns out now that many of these stories were true, but people just weren’t ready to hear the truth.

  3. Excellent interview Matt. I hate to admit that even though we are both Chicagoans, I had not heard of Liz until now. After you’re interview, I like her.

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