Connecting the DC Police Witness and Seth Rich, it’s mind blowing


Not long ago, America First Media Group released that Washington D.C. Metro Police Department had a witness the night that Seth Rich was murdered. She didn’t see the shooting, but claims she saw two men running towards the LeDroit Park area of D.C. The more America First Media dug into the situation, we found some astounding coincidences in this part of our Investigation.

Kristin Oland, the DC Police Department’s witness, worked for a CIA Contractor for a decade, was a professional MMA Fighter, a Vet Tech, A Pilot, you know, normal things you see every day. We’re beginning to put more and more pieces of this puzzle together and its’ mind blowing.

We’ve now uncovered that Kristin Oland and Seth Rich hung out at the same establishments. The same bars around Washington D.C., the same restaurants around Washington D.C. If that’s not enough, we’re even finding out that she volunteered at the same shelter that Seth Rich liked to volunteer at. Statistics show that most people know their killers, we’re digging in America, stay tuned. We don’t go away, we don’t give up, we get closer, and we provide the truth!