BREAKING: America First Media receives irrefutable evidence that Andrew McCabe ordered Seth Rich File from FBI CART division sealed



America First Media has just received irrefutable evidence that Deputy Director to the FBI Andrew McCabe ordered the Seth Rich File from the FBI CART division to never be seen. The FBI CART division was called in when Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police couldn’t open the phone and laptop of Seth Conrad Rich. Rich’s murder continues to be covered up on multiple fronts as America First Media’s Investigation Units pursue Justice.

Due to safety concerns within our team, all members have this information, and we cannot share it at this time. This is just another step in the puzzle of the Seth Rich Murder Investigation.


15 thoughts on “BREAKING: America First Media receives irrefutable evidence that Andrew McCabe ordered Seth Rich File from FBI CART division sealed

  1. I don’t understand our justice system in this country. So McCabe can rule that the SR file is to be sealed and never seen. How does he have that power? And under what circumstances can he be overruled? Something has to give in this investigation.

  2. When FBI possessed murdered, DNC staffer’s,Seth Rich,laptop, agents could have found whether Seth communicated with Wikileaks or not.How could DNC refuse to give evidence (their server) in a murder case to FBI so it could be determined if Russia hacked or Seth leaked? FBI must release this info about laptop so Seth’s murder investigation can resume.

  3. We are living through one of the most historic moments in the life of America. Hard to know how the story unfolds. Will it be Uranium One or Awan & Hezbollah? Is Mueller clean or dirty? Is Rosenstein clean or dirty? Is Horowitz clean or dirty? Will the media get called out first or last? What a fascinating time to live!! The Trump Era. America’s Second Reconstruction.

  4. Once we get more and more proof, we the citizens need to execute these criminals, and never be accused of wrong doing! This is Treason when trying to harm our citizens in any way, not limiting to just murder in the first degree! We the people have the constitutional Right to take out the corrupt in a system designed to help and cause no harm to the citizens of these United States! Don’t be afraid, fight back now, bc we are truly dying from the poisons the corporations put in our food! You ever wonder why we don’t see any rich buying groceries like us!

  5. Since it now looks like Comey, McCabe, Mueller, Strok, Ohr, and several DOJ high levels like Rosenstein have been, and continue to be involved in an effort to PROMOTE the Russian’s Hacked story, and Trump is in on it, story, and it makes sense that McCabe would seek to downplay anything clearing up possible leaker Seth Rich may have on his phone or computers.

    It looks like FBI, DNC, Crowdstrike, Fusion GPS, HRC, and all mentioned above, plus many others must be fully investigated. The FBI needs all new management, culled from LEO professionals who place law over politics. The house cleaning at DOJ is every bit as important as FBI, perhaps MORE important, because DOJ establishes policy, and oversees use of investigative product of FBI.

    1. Mueller’s mission is to investigate Russian role in 2016, US election. Dems claim Russia hacked DNC. Mueller must verify this or not. Some think claim was to deflect from murder of DNC staffer who leaked neg info on Hillary.

  6. If you choose to hide the irrefutable evidence, you are no different than CNN, MSNBC & all the other government mouth pieces who call themselves journalists. Why should anyone believe your baseless assertion? If you ae worried about your safety then you should have chose another profession.

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