America First Media to turn up the heat in Seth Rich Murder Investigation


For Immediate Press Release

America First Media Group and Investigations has been actively working on the Seth Rich murder for over a year now. They’ve uncovered more than anyone in this investigation, sticking to facts and using real Investigators. Here’s a little piece of a list of what’s been accomplished so far in 2017 and uncovered in this murder Investigation.

  • Joe Capone Stated in 2016 Crime Watch TV Interview he was at Lou’s City Bar that night.
  • Months later Joe Capone states he wasn’t at the bar and was on Vacation with his family.
  • The Police took a surveillance video from the Flagler Market, that showed an image of two pairs of legs and Seth Rich Collapsing.
  • Both the parents of Seth Rich (Mary and Joel) have confirmed the video exists and that Police told them it exists.
  • Police now claim that they cannot find the video, nor confirm or deny that it exists. They also claim that if it did exist they couldn’t show it because it would hamper an ongoing Investigation.
  • Hamper an Ongoing Investigation, but Detective Antoine Weston attacked me on Twitter months ago and said you’d exhausted all leads Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police? Click Here for the Article
  • Not one shred of video evidence has ever emerged in the most guarded City in the World?
  • We spoke to the GM of The Wonderland Ballroom, he knew Seth Rich and who he was. Couldn’t say if he was or wasn’t there on July 9th/10th.
  • We spoke to multiple GM’s, Retail Managers, and Owners of businesses on Irving Street. All said Police never asked for any of their surveillance videos from July 9th or 10th regarding Seth Rich’s murder.
  • Dov Friedman Seth Rich’s roommate interjected himself into the house as a roommate right as the “Leaks” were occurring.
  • Dov Friedman started a Pro Hillary Clinton Twitter Account in June 2016
  • Dov Friedman claimed he didn’t know Seth Rich worked for the DNC
  • Three weeks after murder, Dov Friedman goes to work full time for Hillary Clinton for President.
  • In late June of 2017 America First broke that Kelsey Mulka and Seth Rich were in fact broken up at the time of the murder.
  • Family, Friends, Roommates, and Colleagues all lied about the relationship status of Seth Rich and Kelsey Mulka. Why?
  • Aaron Rich won’t release the phone records of Seth Rich. Why?
  • Aaron Rich won’t let anyone view the laptop of Seth Rich. Why?
  • Aaron Rich had money go into his account via Wikileaks, per our Sources.
  • Aaron Rich and Seth Rich did the Leak together, per sources
  • The DNC was not a hack, it was a leak per Adam Carter of Disobedient Media.
  • Joe Capone visited the White House on July 6th, 2016 four days before the murder.
  • Washington D.C. Mayor Bowser visited the White House on July 8th, 2016 two days before the murder.
  • Liz Lyons, Privacy Officer over the Body Cams of Washington D.C. Metro Police visited the White House on July 12th, 2016 two days after murder
  • No Autopsy Report Released
  • No Ballistics Report ever released
  • No Body Cams have ever been released from the night.
  • Four of Six responding officers were wearing body cams
  • We spoke to the Medical Examiner for 20 minutes on the phone, this is all his office would send us in the murder of Seth Rich.
  • Why did Donna Brazile say she feared for her life in her book if it was a “botched Robbery”
  • Seth Rich had his Wallet, Cash, Phone, Credit Cards, Jewish Chai Pendant, Watch all on him. Nothing was taken.
  • Liz Lyons stated they couldn’t find the body cams, said maybe they were misplaced or were not relevant to the Investigation.
  • Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police’s own General Order says when Murder is involved, Body Cams must be kept for 65 years.
  • The DNC has never offered a reward for the murderers of Seth Rich
  • Lou’s City Bar to The Wonderland Ballroom was about 4 blocks.
  • Kelsey Mulka’s house was 2 blocks from the Wonderland Ballroom.
  • Lou’s City Bar to Seth’s house was 1.7 Miles
  • Wonderland Ballroom to Seth’s house was 1.8 Miles
  • Girlfriends House to Seth’s house was 1.8 Miles
  • Why did Seymour Hersh, Pulitzer Prize winning angel of the left say that Seth Rich was the Leaker?
  • Why did Detective Joey DellaCamera tell Rod Wheeler that he can’t talk about the Computer, phone or the emails?
  • tZPoltNU
  • Why is Rod Wheeler being represented by Doug Wigdor, an Attorney who’s made a living out of suing Fox News?
  • The Lawsuit Rod Wheeler filed keeps Fox News from talking about Seth Rich
  • Former Washington D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier resigned 30 days after the murder. Went from 250K Salary to 2MM Salary as Head of Security for the National Football League
  • Assistant Chief of Police Kurt Alder Resigned in May of 2017, he was head of the ISB over the Seth Rich Murder.
  • Kurt Alder now works with Cathy Lanier at the NFL
  • Why did Aaron Rich lie about having Seth Rich’s 2nd Cell Phone? Kelsey slipped up and told Rod Wheeler about Seth having two phones. Not even Joel Rich knew about the 2nd phone..
  • 30 Days after the murder of Seth Rich, Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Mentioned him unprompted on a Dutch TV Show.

  • Julian Assange stated there is no finding of a Botched Robbery.
  • The very next day the DNC assigned Political operative and crisis fixer Brad Bauman from the Pastorum Group to the Rich Family as a Spokesperson.
  • Now why would the family need a Spokesperson if it’s a botched robbery?
  • Are Joel Rich’s personal emails being read and handled by Brad Bauman? We believe that they are per our sources.
  • Seth Rich, Aaron Rich, and Donna Brazile had a heated argument a week before the murder in her office. Aaron tossed a chair against the wall.

And on and on we go folks, but now it’s time to turn up the heat on the DNC Employees, Colleagues, and Superiors of Seth Rich. Our Former and Current LEO on our staff will be reaching out, and we’ll be kicking the heat up many degrees in 2018. Someone knows what happened, and we’re going to find that person.


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  1. You folks have done an amazing job. I’m a retired cop/prosecutor (W. Coast) but there are plenty of ex-cops and vets that would join an army to help you reach the truth on this murder. I will be talking you up to my cop friends, but you should connect with the Vets who recover abducted children, for starters.

  2. Love the bullet points.
    Excellent article
    Very helpful to new people just picking up on this and a review for those following a while.
    Good job, well done

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