The one video you should watch in the Seth Rich Murder Investigation (Video)


14 thoughts on “The one video you should watch in the Seth Rich Murder Investigation (Video)

  1. Keep pushing, you guys have shown an unwavering dedication to this subject and to the Seth Rich tragedy. I hope that you find justice in this quest, both he and you guyz deserve it for all that you have given.

  2. If it is true, which I believe it is, that most people in Congress and the news KNOW that Seth Rich was the DNC leaker and that he gave it to WikiLeaks, then God help us!! We may never get to the bottom of it. Especially because Muehller has not tried to talk to Julian Assange and even Donald Trump has not tried to find out what Assange knows.

  3. One Man & his loyal team will not Stop untill they get #JusticeForSethRich

  4. Unbelievable that not one person so far will step up! We know #SethRich was doing the right thing! You guys are awesome #MattCouch for not backing down #JusticeForSethRich

  5. Finally. We know what happened to him. No different than the Clinton victims who shot themselves in the back of the head twice and it was called suicide. Take them down. Take them all down. Thank you for fighting for Seth Rich. 🇺🇸

  6. American need to come together and investigate the elected officials politicians 60 million plus that’s good dig up the evidence may need against the handful of politicians that were voted into office by We the People form oversight committee for each politician 100 to 200 strong Americans to do oversight on each politician

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