The Bonuses Continue from massive companies, new ones announced today! (Video)

Here’s a list of the bonuses announced this week from large companies.

  • Home Depot gave 400,000 Hourly workers a $1,000+ Bonus
  • Walmart gave over One Million Hourly workers a wage bump to $11 per hour
  • Fed Ex spending $3.2 Billion in Wage Hikes, Plus $1.5 Billion in Infrastructure
  • Starbucks giving 150,000 workers raises, and $120 Million in Wage Increases
  • JP Morgan Chase with a $20 Billion Dollar Investment over 5 years, giving 22,000 Workers wages raises to $18-$22 per hour
  • Disney spending $125 Million and giving 125,000 Employees a $1,000 Bonus

As you can see, it’s absolutely horrific how these companies are treating their hourly employees under the President Trump Tax Plan. By the way, that last line, was sarcasm.

Credit Fox News for the Video.