BREAKING Senior Counsel of House Intelligence Committee Kash Patel wrote FISA Memo, Liberals try to discredit


As First reported by America First Media this afternoon,

Kash Patel Senior Counsel for the House Intelligence Committee, and Top Devin Nunes Staffer wrote the FISA Memo. This afternoon via a hit piece was put out on Patel. Mentioned that in a 2016 Court Case he was hit with “order of ineptitude” in 2016 by U.S. District Judge Lynn Hughes.

However America First Media has learned this isn’t the case. The Judge was upset because Patel didn’t have a tie on. America First Media has learned that Patel worked in Counter Terrorism within the Department of Justice prior to his current position, and was in a Middle Eastern Country at the time.

The Judge scheduled a hearing with no notice to the Department of Justice or Patel. Kash flew 27 hours from a Middle Eastern Country just to make it to the Court hearing. The Hearing was for  the prosecution of Omar Faraj Saeed Al Hardan, who was arrested for trying to blow up a Shopping Mall. That’s far from the Story you’ll see in’s article where they claim “because he was a supporter of ISIS”.

America First Media has learned that the Democrats are going to try to use this situation to discredit the Republican FISA Memo. They claim that Kash Patel, and his “order of ineptitude” that he was benchslapped with by Federal Judge Lynn Hughes is a reason to not believe the FISA Memo.

When you realize that this man was in a Middle Eastern Country working Counter terrorism, and flew 27 hours back to Houston, TX to try to be there for a Terrorist that he arrested, it changes the entire context of the story the left is trying to paint, doesn’t it America?