Joe Rogan drops Truth Bombs in the Seth Rich Murder Investigation (VIDEO)


11 thoughts on “Joe Rogan drops Truth Bombs in the Seth Rich Murder Investigation (VIDEO)

  1. I have believed it for 30 years. And, she wants to run again. She is the brains and the power mad executioner in that FU’d twosome.

  2. Democrats need to get their own house in order. Jimmy Dore needs to get his own house in order with TYT. Before anyone starts pointing fingers or flaws elsewhere, they better be starting and ground zero. Else they’re just a hypocrite, possibly even controlled opposition, or just so blind about what’s in front of them, why listen to anything they have to say?

  3. Omg this was awesome! Telling The Truth! We all know this damn #COCKROACHHILLARYCLINTON had him killed! Someone needs to slip this evil women the Truth Serum! For real and make sure the whole entire media is there when the truth comes out!

  4. Problem is, like everything the Left is about…they think they can say and do whatever they like and just ignore it and it goes away. And that actually works. Ultimately there is no justice in this country. When these people regain power we’re all screwed.

  5. Only swear words i hear is… They Murdered Seth Rich.
    Listening to this is like it all just bursts out of u man. Stops folks in their tracks & makes em listen, real & raw.
    Thankyou Joe Rogan.

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