America First Media Group partners with Jack Burkman in Seth Rich Investigation, One of our Witnesses to come forward, will speak of events involving Seth Rich’s murder


America First Media Group has partnered with Jack Burkman, a Republican Lobbyist and fellow Investigator of the Seth Rich murder. For many months America First Media Group has been working with a key witnesses in the murder of Seth Rich. Tomorrow on the 2nd year anniversary of the murder of Seth Rich, one of our witness will be interviewed by Jack Burkman.

We have as many of you know turned over this information in March to members of the House Intelligence Committee. We have yet to hear a response in our witness, and the evidence presented.

Matt Couch, who’s been in the Hospital the last 11 days and out now was scheduled to be in Washington, D.C. for a joint press conference with Jack Burkman. Due to pneumonia and Afib, Mr. Couch is honored to send one of his partners Frank Whalen, 25 Year NYPD Homicide Detective, and current Private Investigator in his place. Frank has worked with America First Media Group for over a year, and is a key team member in our investigations.

“I’m honored to have Frank representing me in Washington, D.C. but I sure wish I could have made the trip. I know that Frank is top notch, and will do an amazing job representing America First Media Group tomorrow” said Couch.

Stay tuned to our website, and we’ll also have live broadcasts throughout the day on July 10th from Matt Couch, Bill Pierce, and others as well as the Press Conference by Jack Burkman and Frank Whalen of America First Media Group.