America First Media Group’s Frank Whalen LIVE at Press Conference in Washington, D.C (VIDEO)


9 thoughts on “America First Media Group’s Frank Whalen LIVE at Press Conference in Washington, D.C (VIDEO)

  1. Matt and Team, I pray that the time, energy, money you and your team has put into this case , let alone the abuse and danger you are in, is rewarded by the arrest and conviction of these murderers! God Bless you all for keeping this case alive and not giving up! Please stay safe and pray everyday that this case comes to the fore front!💜💜

  2. The DEA Agent at issue is almost certainly Karl C. Colder, but the ATF Agent at issue I haven’t been able to discern between Dan Beard, Bill McMullan and Frank Riehl.

  3. Thank you for sharing this live interview. May God continue to bring the evil into the light and may vindication for Seth one day be made.
    I am praying for the safety of the righteous and their families as they are trying to expose the truth and get this murder solved. It stinks to high heaven of coverup.

  4. “Luke” the witness was John Kiriakou. Everyone who heard him and is familiar with his voice knows that , including the ATF and DEA guys he fingered for the murder of Seth Rich. Kiriakou knows that everyone knows it’s him , and he wants it that way. He wants the autists to dig in , figure out who these guys are , and put puzzle pieces together because he knows that the DC MPD and House Intel are covering it up and will continue to do so.

    Don’t take partisan sides because he said that Rosenstein and others involved are Republicans. The point he’s making is that this is a long-established criminal cabal , and it’s bi-partisan , or more accurately , non-partisan.

    It should be possible , based on what he said , to put together the identities of the people that make up this ‘dirty cop’ club under Rosenstein. The ball is in your court , autists.

    Burkman is immaterial , and shouldn’t distract from the effort. Just ignore him.

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