MUST READ: Twitter suspends Educating 4 Libs Dylan Wheeler for 7 days, The Censorship of Conservative Influencers is out of control!

In typical fascist fashion, tech media giant Twitter has suspended yet another large Conservative influencer. This time it’s none other than @Education4Libs Dylan Wheeler. You may also know him as Educating Liberals.

The young and fiery Minnesotan has been working diligently for well over a year towards the America First MAGA movement. Speaking with Dylan and Tyler this morning, Dylan sent me the Tweet in question.


Above is a message Dylan sent to me, here is the tweet in question below.

educating2 Keep in mind this tweet was made 8 days ago. Twitter suspended Dylan aka Educating Liberals this morning. It took Twitter 8 days to suspend him for this Tweet? No, it took the right liberal to complain about it, let’s get the facts straight America. The Censorship of conservatives is absolutely out of control by liberally ran tech companies like Twitter.

Let’s look at what Dylan’s response was, shall we?


Promoting Violence? What in the blue hell are you talking about Twitter? That’s not promoting violence, in fact it’s standing up against violence for black on black crimes. The audacity of the left continues with this ridiculous seven day suspension of Dylan Wheeler known to Conservatives as Educating Liberals.

They’ve literally wiped Alex Jones off the map except for his website. I personally was suspended the moment I landed in Washington, D.C. last July to investigate the murder of Seth Rich. It’s all so interesting the timing of Conservative platforms and censorship.

Kris Paronto was suspended for 12 hours for making true statements about former President Barack Obama. Montel Williams, former talk show host and liberal called him a “prick” and some other choice words as you can see below.


Note: Montel Williams still has full account functionality and nothing was done to him for his remarks. Now who do you think deserved being suspended? Dylan Wheeler or Montel Williams.

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12 thoughts on “MUST READ: Twitter suspends Educating 4 Libs Dylan Wheeler for 7 days, The Censorship of Conservative Influencers is out of control!

  1. No one’s account should be suspended there’s something called the 1st amendment, regardless of it’s content or if it’s a private company your 1st amendment rights should never be infringed upon.

  2. Twitter has been doing this for a minimum of a year… Only those with huge accounts get heard about… In Jan, They deleted my 9 yr old, 16K follower account. because I stated a FACT about Muslims. still have everything saved for the class action suit.

    I said……”Right from the horses mouth, Muslims have been killing people for THOUSANDS of years as instructed by Islam, and they will continue to. Yet Liberals will tell you these people are peaceful”.

    That Hateful Conduct? The tweet was because a Muslim was threatening a woman and her family with death if she didn’t convert…

  3. Everything is just a giant out of control hypocrisy. They’v created a red hot racial climate in their pursuit of destroying the pres. if you’re white then you can’t say anything near negative about black people today no matter how properly it was worded and prepared,without being instantly attacked by everyone yet if I say here that when black people say disparaging things about white people they get applauded by the majority and I disagree with that, that would suddenly have people calling me a racist which I’m not. But today that’s the hot button that people are using to destroy hard working peoples careers by just catching them saying the “n” word once. Absolutely wrong and unjustified with the worse part being that the accused don’t even have the chance to defend themselves. Saying one stupid word once doesn’t instantly give any one the right to accuse people of something so extreme and hateful just like that. That’s not how things work. There’s a giant difference between a real racist and someone who might say that word out of context without evil intentions and you know that’s true.

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