BAH HUMBUG: Nebraska Elementary School Principle Bans Christmas and Jesus

The Principal at a Nebraska elementary school

Jennifer Sinclair sent a letter to teachers announcing a ban on Christmas — for the sale of inclusiveness.

Teachers: Please remember that we are not to be doing any Christmas or holiday specific themed activities with students. Santa and Christmas items are not to be on activities or copies. We have varied religious beliefs in our school, and it is our job to be inclusive.


Thus, “Jesus,” the reason for Christmas, along with secular symbols like Christmas trees, and other symbols, must be censored. Not even candy canes – of whatever color and stripe – are allowed, nor are the colors of “Red” and “Green,” because they are “traditional Christmas colors.”

Principal Sinclair banned Christmas trees and Christmas carols, Santa Claus and Elf on the Shelf.

Candy Canes were also off limits because the principal said “the shape is ‘J’ for Jesus.

“The red is for the blood of Christ, and the white is a symbol of his resurrection,” she wrote.

Also deemed not acceptable:

  • Singing Christmas Carols
  • Playing Christmas music
  • Making a Christmas ornament as a gift
  • Christmas clipart
  • Reading Christmas-themed books (sorry, Tiny Tim)
  • The colors red and green
  • Reindeer
  • Christmas movies (So long, Frosty)

Yes, good readers, the principal banned the reason for the season.

Liberty Counsel, a public policy organization dedicated to religious liberty issues, fired off a letter to Elkhorn Public Schools warning them that the principal’s Christmas ban was unconstitutional.

“The ban violates the U.S. Constitution by showing hostility toward Christianity,” attorney Robert Mast wrote. “The principal appears to have conflated her own values and preferences with the law.”

And as Liberty Counsel pointed out, the First Amendment does not require the elimination of all Christmas symbols – religious or secular.

“The effort to comprehensively eliminate Christmas symbols is Orwellian,” Mast concluded.

The school district investigated the matter and determined that Principal Sinclair’s memorandum to teachers violated district policy. They quickly reversed course meaning Santa Claus is once again welcome in the classroom.

The principal appears to have conflated her own values and preferences with the law. The First Amendment simply does not require elimination of all Christmas symbols – religious and secular – in a misguided attempt to be “inclusive” by eliminating all traditional elements of a federally- and state-recognized holiday. The effort to comprehensively eliminate Christmas symbols is Orwellian.

One final note, the principal had also issued a list of acceptable seasonal decorations including Yetis, penguins, polar bears and Olaf – a character from the movie “Frozen.”

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12 thoughts on “BAH HUMBUG: Nebraska Elementary School Principle Bans Christmas and Jesus

  1. This is America. We are a Christian nation. We celebrate Christmas because Jesus is our Savior and we love him. If you choose to not participate that’s your business and I’m ok with that. But why do you think you have the right to tell others how to live? You don’t have that right. I’ll live my life my way; you live your life your way. As a teacher, Christmas was the most fun time of year and children were intrinsically engaged in their learning but you expect your staff to ignore it. My child would never be in your school. Being there must be so depressing.

  2. Maybe try being all inclusive and celebrate all religions when a special season comes up instead of banning one. And the school system continues to deteriorate. So sad.

  3. That principal should be fired immediately for trying to do what she did. Obviously she is a Muslim and that’s why she tried it. Fire her immediately.

  4. Who gave her the right to choose our Faith beliefs -she needs to be fired -shes an embarrassment to the school system she serves -I f I were a parent I would be furious

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