Florida Georgia Line Front Man Says Country Music Should Embrace Gun Control..

Florida Georgia Line‘s Tyler Hubbard has thrown his support behind the End Gun Violence Together campaign launched by Blake Mycoskie of TOMS Shoes — and he wants his colleagues across country music to join him.

On Nov. 29, Hubbard delivered an impassioned endorsement of the TOMS CEO’s new initiative. In a solemn video, he referred to the staggering statistics regarding the 307 mass shootings that took place over the last 311 days in the United States and said that he believes that “we can all come together and all agree that something has to change” by contacting congress and demanding stricter gun laws.

A statistic that is total BS, I might add. It’s been debunked repeatedly.

But wait, there’s more.

Now, Hubbard is doubling down on that message and asking his peers across country — including Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert, Maren Morris, Luke Bryan, Taylor Swift and many more — to get involved, even if it means stepping outside their comfort zones to lend their social media platforms to the cause.

In other words, Hubbard wants all of these artists to alienate their entire fan base by making a stand on something that has absolutely nothing to do with their music but may cost them millions in album sales.

Yep. That’s a winning strategy.

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8 thoughts on “Florida Georgia Line Front Man Says Country Music Should Embrace Gun Control..

  1. Go to hell!!! You are a moron. Trying to tell us to get rid of our protection,,our rights all while yall are being protected by armed security and live behind walls. Go to hell!

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